The Board of Directors and Advisors for the National POW/MIA Memorial & Museum are proud to introduce the new official seal to represent the memorial.

Design Features of the Seal

  • Circular design follows most DoD seals and logos.
  • Yellow coloring in line with the yellow ribbon used for “Support our Troops” and pray for their return. Yellow roses for MIA’s are placed at the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
  • Stars (on border) represent each of the 5 branches of service: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. The 6th and final star represents the Merchant Marines.
  • Sanctuary of Remembrance (gray outlining above “Remember, Honor, Educate”) is a profile view of the design rendering of a future key component of the Memorial site which visually depicts the large amount of those unaccounted for (see Exhibit A & B below).

                       Remember – Sanctuary of Remembrance (Exhibit A&B)
                      Honor – MIA Hall & Gallery of Light
                      Educate – Museum

  • Yellow Spires – point to symbol to NEVER FORGET (Exhibit C).
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

We are proud to have the new seal to represent the Memorial & Museum through its completion and beyond.

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