Chapel of the High-Speed Pass

To preserve the historic significance of the Cecil Field Memorial Chapel, and will be utilized as a military chapel for weddings, memorial services and retirement ceremonies.

POW/MIA Memorial Center & Museum

To honor all former Prisoners of War and those who are still Missing in Action; to feature the history of the POW/MIA flag; the history of NAS Cecil Field as a master jet base, and to serve as a facility for the U.S. military family. This center will be used to educate the public on the POW/MIA issue through exhibits, videos, artifacts and memorabilia.

Mary Hoff Memorial Park

To be a place of remembrance and reflection to honor all the sacrifices of the U.S. service member and their family.

Cecil Field Memorial and USS Saratoga (CV-60) 1/4 Scale Replica

To honor all who were lost while stationed at NAS Cecil Field; Naval Aviators, Air Crewmen and others who lost their lives will be remembered, and the USS Forrestal (CV-59) 1967 incident.

POW/MIA Flag History Area

To remember the importance of the POW/MIA flag with its continued visibility, as a constant reminder of the plight of America’s unaccounted for military personnel. Other than “Old Glory,” the League’s POW/MIA flag is the only flag ever to fly over the White House, displayed since 1982 in this place of honor on National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

Cecil Field National POW/MIA Memorial Park

To establish a National Memorial for ALL branches of the U.S. Armed Forces for those who are still Missing in Action, and to become a destination site for the City of Jacksonville, State of Florida and the United States.

View The Overall Master Project Diagram Below

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